Giving Back

giving back

Our Simple Saturdays program began with the goal of using our abilities in home renovation to help others. We help senior citizens and veterans take care of their homes, inside and out!

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Simple Saturdays is about helping others with the items that can be very challenging to accomplish for someone with either limited knowledge, or just the inability to do it themselves.

Anything from changing furnace filters to replacing ceiling fans, from cleaning out gutters to raking leaves. We can repair a leaky faucet, or even help clean!

Be a Part of It

making life easier
for seniors & vets.

On the first Saturday of every month:

  • Install smoke detectors / replace batteries
  • Replace Furnace Filters
  • Change Door Knobs
  • Fix Plumbing Leaks
  • Install Shelving
  • Clean Screens
  • Replace Broken Doorbells
  • Rake Leaves
  • Clean Gutters
  • Touch Up Paint
  • Replace Cabinet Hardware
  • Cleaning Grout
  • Washing Driveways
  • Changing Lights
  • Changing Cieling Fans
  • Replacing Lightbulbs

let’s do it together!

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