Investment Real Estate Sales Associate Position

You DO NOT have to have your real estate license to apply. This position is for an individual who is in charge of selling properties we have purchased or that are under contract to investors, wholesalers, hedge funds, REITs, etc., as well as to help locate even more buyers.  We are looking for applicants that enjoy networking, sales and building relationships with long term investor clients and have a “never met a stranger” kind of mentality!!

Initially you will be continuing to build a buyer’s list using our proven process!  We also have a lucrative advancement path that includes a training and mentorship program that will teach you how to purchase properties as well.  We will also be expanding to 2 other select cities in the next 2 years which also gives opportunity for advancement in a sales management capacity.

Company Core Values are non-negotiable. If you cannot follow these values with clients and teammates, please do not apply. These are a HUGE reason why our company culture is amazing!

#1Do What YouSay You’reGoing to Do
#2Be Obsessedwith HelpingOthers
#3Have a Positive,Can-DoAttitude
#4Be a TeamPlayer
#5Always Striveto ExceedExpectations

Work-Related Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Sales Experience is a big plus!
  • Able to create relationships with clients along with an experience that leaves an outstanding impression
  • Top performers only needed.  Closers!
  • Able to create instant credibility with potential clients by utilizing knowledge and showcasing our proven process
  • Must enjoy reaching out to new people on a constant basis, in person and on the phone
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of phone sales experience
  • Must be social media savvy
  • Able to follow a team leader! So many people are “lone wolves” and want to do it their way only…not here!
  • Must have a genuine love for helping people and educating them on how we make them successful!
  • Must be an extremely quick communicator via phone, email and texts
  • Must have strong computer skills and be able to stay organized online!
  • Must have an outgoing personality and be fun to work with (Please)
  • Can easily demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to work in a time-critical environment
  • High level of motivation and persistence
  • Ability to work independently and as a team in high-pressure environment

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Utilizing all sources to reach more real estate investors that are interested in building a rental portfolio (or flipping!), such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Auction visits, Calling current  investor lists, etc.
  • Networking with Realtors that work with investors to provide non-MLS investment real estate pocket listings
  • Consistently marketing our current opportunities for sale, from investor open houses to putting out bandit signs around properties we have available
  • Networking with other Wholesalers and creating win-win relationships
  • “Shopping” every property to our current buyer’s list
  • Understanding renovation bids on each property and able to guide investors on how to remodel each opportunity
  • Facilitate all showings on properties
  • Occasionally work on renovation bids, foundation quotes, etc to overcome objections
  • Developing your social media online presence to attract investment buyers
  • Helping to set up Real Estate Seminars and Meet Up Groups
  • Calling hard money lenders and offering some of our options that can help their clients find more properties
  • Pipeline Management is HUGE! Must be organized and able to stay on top of all call backs, new clients, etc.
  • Must be able to build rapport quickly and over the phone
  • Updating your CRM so all teammates are constantly on the same page!
  • Most of all, working until goals are hit! We are extremely motivated and we are not looking for individuals that aren’t willing to go the extra mile when needed.

The compensation structure is very competitive and exciting!  Base + Commission on properties sold.  Average first year compensation has been $70,000-$120,000 depending on success.

We believe working 9am-5pm is for the WEAK!  Hours fluctuate depending on the marketing campaign & the number of properties needing to be sold, but total around 50-55 hours a week. Weekend work will be needed.  Saturdays are scheduled, welcome to real estate! All work to be done from our office in Dallas when you’re not out in the field.

Please email your resume to us with “Applying for Sales Associate Position” as the Subject Title.

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