Would Renovating A House Before Selling It in Dallas Be More Rewarding?

Renovating a Hoarder’s Home: What Renovations To Do Before Selling a Hoarder’s House in Dallas 

Is it worth renovating a house before selling it in Dallas or would you rather sell it as is? Which is better? Is it worth all your time and money to get things fixed and beautified first or would it be better to leave this in the hands of the buyer? Making the right decision is a challenge, especially when your memories have become a part of your home. Otherwise, you may lose more money or just be wasting your valuable time.  

That said, it is important to ask the most important questions. There is no wrong or right answer, but they depend on you and the buyers’ priorities and concerns. It also depends on who your buyers would be.  

Is It Worth Renovating A Home Before Selling in Dallas? 

Home is where the heart is but what if you have to sell it already? There are so many memories and things to leave behind, including broken pipes and damaged ceilings. 

This presents the dilemma of renovating it before selling or leaving it as is for the buyers to handle. While some buyers do not have a problem taking on the renovation project, others would opt for a property that requires much less work and additional expense. 

Selling a house is a two-way street. Most often, your final decision hangs on whether it addresses your own needs as well as the buyer’s.  

Identifying your market is the first step before setting the price and determining your plan of action. 

Are the odds in your favor? 

The real estate market performance is another thing to consider especially if making profit is of great importance. See if it favors sellers currently rather than the buyers. The Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) has predicted that the renovation rate will go down from 7.5 percent to 5.1 percent this year. The decline may not be drastic but worth noting.  

Better yet, ask a certified realtor that can offer you a better reading of said statistics. 

If making profit is your primary goal, is it worth renovating a house before selling in Dallas? 

Passionate house hunters would pay a high price for the right piece of property in Dallas. The past few years have seen a huge jump in the Dallas job market statistics. This means that your likely buyers would be professionals. Your house should then be able to meet the standard if your goal is to make money off it. Just the same, you should be committed to this project to be able to demand a steep cost.  

The expense could be overwhelming for someone who is on a tight budget. It does not mean that you should give up it completely though. Renovation certainly adds resale value, but some upgrades make more sense than others 

You can either go the extra mile and flip it completely or focus on the essential areas. Some sellers stay in the middle and remodel key spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. But you are not yet off the hook. Another thing to consider is the total cost of renovation. Ask yourself, is it worth renovating a house before selling it in Dallas when you can recoup the same price from the sale?  

Does your home deserve a major or minor renovation? 

Let’s face it, a completely rundown home will most likely turn off buyers unless they want to renovate it themselves. Tattered roofs and walls, broken windows, and ripped flooring surely need some serious fixes. If you are reluctant to do a fixer-upper, at least make it look decent and livable. Basic restoration is standard. Some of the common repairs may include: 

  • Replacing the flooring with brand-new tiles 
  • Repainting the walls 
  • Replacing old roofs 
  • Repairing faulty plumbing and electrical lines 

Do you want to sell it fast? 

It is easier and faster to sell a house that has been fully renovated or flipped. Buyers who focus on upgrades and attractive landscape will quickly accept your offer. The location and neighborhood – market, schools, or office – may only become a secondary concern for them.   

On the other hand, those whose priorities include a convenient location, nice environment, and lower price will forego beauty for practicality. If you choose to not renovate, buyers will still usually expect a few key features such as: good foundation, good structure, a lower price point.

Transforming a Hoarder’s Home: Worthwhile Renovation by Simple House Solutions Before Selling in Dallas 

Is it worth renovating a house before selling in Dallas? Why not?  

Major renovations would work wonders no matter where your house is located. Simple House Solutions worked on a hoarder’s home in Dallas and turned it into a dream house after months of meticulous work.  The house went through extensive repairs here and there.  

From the exterior, this house has had a major face lift to its curb appeal. The previously rough-looking, front-yard is now more welcoming with improved landscape and trimmed trees.  

Inside, granite countertops were installed. The wall dividing the kitchen and living room was also removed to make it look more spacious. Tiles replaced scratched floors and new paint on walls lightened up the surroundings.  

Aside from new paint, insulation was also added on the walls to regulate temperature.  

The bathrooms were in bad shape having cracked tiles, dilapidated floor, and 80s-old lighting. One of the bathrooms has no tub and the other has no sink. As part of the renovation, a walk-in shower was created. Mirrors and lighting were replaced, and new tiles were installed. The buyers will be happy with the 8-inch spread faucet, which is a huge upgrade in Dallas. 

The house also has new appliances and new electrical lines. With this extensive repair and remodeling process, one would easily forget that this used to be a hoarder’s hideout.    

Major transformations like this is obviously more expensive but a good company would go the extra mile, take it slow, and do it right. 

Is It Worth Renovating a House Before Selling in Dallas? The Experts Will Answer That for You 

So, is it worth renovating a house before selling it in Dallas? 

It depends but you do not need to make this hard decision alone. Getting an expert on board is the best option if you want to know the right answer.   

Sit down with a company who wants to help you and handle everything correctly for you. Simple House Solutions helps you understand all your options and advises on the best route for you to take–whether that is selling with or without them! You deserve to gain more from your home. Spend your time with the important people in your life by focusing on creating memories, not worrying about selling your home. 

Let us lift the burden off your shoulder. Call a specialist today and get help selling your home the right way.