Distressed Homes and the MLS: Why Isn’t My House Selling in Dallas, Texas

The usual process of selling a house in Dallas, Texas is putting the property on the local Multiple Listing Service or MLS. For most aesthetically superior homes, finding a buyer through the MLS may be easy. However, enlisting a cosmetically distressed might not have the same chances of getting sold. If you own a distressed home, you might wonder, “why isn’t my house selling in Dallas, Texas?” Our experts, here at Simple House Solutions offer a better option so that you can sell your property fast. 

Why Isn’t My Dallas, Texas House Selling on the MLS? 

It’s relatively easy to sell a beautiful home in Dallas, Texas. You can choose to sell it to a real estate agent, or you can enlist your property on the MLS yourself. It’s not as easy, though, if your property is cosmetically distressed. You’ll probably have investors and realtors come in, but they won’t know what to do with your house. The reason why your house in Dallas, Texas isn’t selling on the MLS is that the system is unpredictable when it comes to selling any cosmetically distressed home. The MLS is only great if your property is aesthetically pleasing.  

General Process of Selling a Property on the MLS 

The MLS is an awesome tool for selling beautiful homes. The general process involves the following: 

  1. A real estate agent will put your property on the MLS and begin marketing it through various platforms, such as newspaper outlets and on social media.  
  2. Assorted kinds of buyers, such as investors and/or occupants, find the enlisted property and make an offer.  
  3. The Buyer hires several contractors (e.g., home, roof, and foundation inspectors) to assess the property.  
  4. The Buyer then requests the seller to repair everything listed in the report produced by the inspectors.  

Disadvantages of Selling a House on the MLS 

If your house is not well-maintained or has too many needed repairs, you will find that enlisting your property on the MLS will pose a lot of disadvantages, such as the following: 

  1. Buyers will usually demand for a lot of repairs, which are expensive to cover.  
  2. If sellers are willing to entertain these demands, they do not have the resources and contacts that will perform the repairs. 
  3. Sellers turn to the most available repair services they can find on Yelp, the yellow pages, and other platforms. This method of looking for services will cost sellers top-dollar to cover the needed repairs.  

Real Case Scenario: Distressed Home in Fort Worth, Texas 

We’ve recently had a client in Dallas, Fort Worth, who had a house that she wanted to sell fast. Her elderly mother, who had been living alone in the home, was developing early stage dementia. The property had not been in good shape in years. A lot of trash and hoarded items had accumulated inside and outside the house. The foliage had also been left unmaintained.  

The client tried to have their distressed home on the MLS, but she was wondering why it wasn’t selling. When she hired our team, we explained to her that the MLS isn’t an ideal platform for selling distressed homes. If she went through the standard process of selling their home through the MLS, she might end up with an overwhelmingly expensive list of repairs from the inspector’s report – too costly for her and her elderly mother to shoulder! 

Learn more about this recent project by watching this video: 

Expert Tips on How to Sell a House in Dallas, Texas

Simple House Solution Offers Best Option to Sell the Fort Worth Home Fast! 

When the client called us, she wanted us to check the property so that we could give a realistic evaluation on whether she should continue selling through the MLS. We gave our honest opinion by presenting her the pros and cons of selling a distressed home on the MLS. After she understood the implications of selling their property on the MLS, we presented her with another option – we gave her a cash offer. Without hesitation, she took the cash offer.  

Simple House Solutions – Keeping it Simple is Key to Selling a House Fast 

Sellers mess it up most of the time when they try to sell their houses themselves. They overdo the repairs or exaggerate the decorations and styling. They spend too much, try too hard, and end up disappointed because they fail to attract buyers.  

When we, at Simple House Solutions, give a client a cash offer, we begin remodeling the home and make it cleaner and simpler. Keeping it simple is key. The trick is to give buyers enough room to visualize their future home, but not too much that you overspend. Overspending on home remodeling will lead to charging buyers too much on the backside, just to recover from your expenses.  

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