Our Family in Texas: Hurricane Harvey Donations and Support

Dear Simple House Solutions Family,

As you all know, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston as one of the fiercest hurricanes to hit the USA in 13 years. Hundreds of thousands of people are anticipated to be affected by this catastrophe, and many are looking for help after great losses.

At Simple House Solutions, this tragedy hits close to home. Personally, we have team members with family that have just escaped or are still stuck in Houston. Our team member, Shane Rollins, is going through that now.

Shane’s extended family from Houston went to go see the eclipse and were just concluding their vacation when their flight got canceled due to the storm.  They’ve now tried to book several flights and finally got one to Dallas after 7 attempts.  They just arrived here yesterday and the soonest now they can fly into Houston is Friday. His father-in-law is in panic over his college-aged daughter, who is trapped on the 2nd floor of their flooded home.

The fear has pushed his father-in-law to search for a boat and drive down to Houston with the boat to rescue his daughter. The daughter is scared out of her mind and has nowhere to go.

As a company dedicated to helping people in some of their most trying times, we know our family includes the individuals in Houston. We will personally be donating to aid in the relief efforts.

So, what can you do to help?

We’d like to invite you to donate through some of the charities mentioned below:



You can also explore other options for donating on these sites:



The news has reported 15 trillion gallons of water has already dropped, and another 10-15 trillion gallons are still on its way. Surviving and rebuilding will not be an easy road for those in Houston. If you are not able to contribute financially, we ask that you keep anyone affected by the hurricane in your thoughts.

Thank you and may you guys and all those affected by the hurricane be protected in their time of need.