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Tips for Moving During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Add moving to a new home on top of that, and you might find it hard to maintain the holiday spirit. These tips for moving during the holidays will help make your move as simple and stress-free as possible.

Plan Ahead

Almost every business closes its doors for a few days during the holiday season—either before or after Christmas. Take that into consideration when planning your move. Make arrangements in advance with all the services you might need, such as a moving company, so you aren’t left stranded.

Stay Organized

Organization is important when you move to a new home. It is, however, even more important when moving during the holidays. Group items for packing based on how quickly you will need to get to them after you’ve moved. That way, you won’t find yourself digging in box after box trying to find something you desperately need. Always clearly label every box.

Staying organized will not only make moving easier but will also give you the flexibility to take your time unpacking. Take out only what you need now and save the rest for after the busy holiday season.

Don’t Skip the Decorations

Holiday decorations may not be essential, but they are part of what make the holiday season fun. If you’re moving during the holiday season, it might not seem like the best time to go all-out with decorations, but don’t pack everything—leave out a few items that will put you in the holiday spirit. Pick items that are easy to clean up and pack at the last minute. Skip hanging ornaments on the tree this year. Instead, stick with simple, classic looks like tinsel, strands of popcorn, or just lights.

Small touches can help enhance the holiday mood. Burning cinnamon- or gingerbread-scented candles can bring the warmth of the holidays to your home. Playing holiday music while you pack is another easy way to create a festive atmosphere.

Take a Break

No matter how busy you may be with packing, don’t forget to take a break now and then. No one wants to feel like they completely missed this magical season because they were moving. Give yourself a little bit of quiet time in the house—send the kids to bake Christmas cookies with grandma or visit a local holiday event. 

Reassure Your Kids

Moving to a new home is a major, and perhaps sudden, change that can be scary for children. They tend to worry about things like giving up their old room, leaving behind their friends, making new friends, and moving to a new school. And when moving during the holidays, children tend to have one extra worry on their minds—how will Santa find me? Even if they don’t mention it to you, reassure them that Santa already knows about your move and will bring their presents to their new house.

You also need ways to keep your kids busy while you are packing their things. Reserve a box of small items to keep them occupied— coloring books, puzzles, and a few of their favorite toys.

Once you get everything moved into your new home, deck the halls  and get ready to enjoy the New Year!

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