Selling My House Fast in Dallas-Fort Worth for the Right Price: The SIMPLE SOLUTION

Selling My House Fast in Dallas-Fort Worth for the Right Price:The SIMPLE SOLUTION

Are You Ready for the REAL and SIMPLE Solution to sell your house QUICKLY while still getting a FAIR DEAL?

**No gimmicks, no tricks, just a straight-forward solution to your problem**


Yes, I want help selling my home at a great price NOW!

Hey there!

Brandon and Dwight here and we have a question for you…

How many advertisements have you seen for companies that will pay cash for your house in Dallas-Fort Worth?

We bet you have seen a lot because we see them all the time.Which is great when you are thinking. I want to sell my house fast! But we have noticed one common problem: they only want to buy your house from you if it’s bottom dollar! Often, they ignore that there is a person behind the home: YOU!

We created Simple House Solutions with different intentions…

  • We believe the current home selling process is over-bloated, slow, and inefficient.
  • We believe too many companies take advantage of sellers, and that you deserve a fair price.
  • We believe selling your home should be easy, fast, and profitable for YOU – and we know how to make it so…

Your Selling-Situation is Unique—and We Understand That!

  • Maybe you are going through a divorce and need to move that house quickly?
  • Maybe you have just inherited a house and just need to get it off your plate?
  • Maybe you don’t have the cash to get your house up to the look buyers want so that it will sell?
  • Maybe it’s just that you don’t have the time…
  • Maybe you are a landlord, sick of your tenants and just want to get out with all your fingers and toes?
  • Maybe you don’t trust realtors and want a way to bypass the typical real estate system?
  • Maybe you simply don’t have the time or interest to go through the usual process?

You know how the process goes:

  1. Select a realtor
  2. List on the MLS
  3. Hope that you’ve listed it for the right price
  4. Wait for people to view
  5. Put up with people viewing it but not buying
  6. Hope someone will make you an offer
  7. When you finally get an offer, they want a home inspection and then the home inspector says you have to make a ton of upgrades or fix a bunch of things, just to meet code…

This process is not fun—if you’ve been through it before, you’ll know what we mean.Then you go through all that only to find that the buyers low ball you on the offer.And you go through that process again, and again…Eventually you get an offer, then you discover that the buyers cannot complete the process because they do not qualify for the needed mortgage.Ouch! Back to square one! This is quite common, and, unfortunately, we see this happen time and time again. However, we believe it does not have to be this way.

Imagine this…

Imagine you contact a company: they look at your property and make you a great cash offer there and then!

Inside a week, you’ve sold your house and your bank account is reaping the reward!

No realtor commissions, no need to pay out extra dollars to fix a list of problems, no need to invest in updates.

No need to have multiple people endlessly trampling through your home, no waiting and just hoping for an offer.


Sound too good to be true?

Well, it does not have to be because

it’s what we do!

How do we do it


  • We bypass the middleman so there’s no commission(you save yourself a chunk of cash right there).
  • We know the housing market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • We can reliably assess what a house will sell for and we have the cash to execute.
  • We know what upgrades to make to increase the value of a home and
  • We have a team of contractors that can remodel homes quickly.


What typically happens if you try on your own?

When a homeowner tries to invest in upgrades to get top dollar for their property inevitably they initiate upgrades consistent with what they like not what the market wants: what buyers want!

We get this right because we are extensively involved in the market in this area. On top of that, we get lower rates because we do this all the time.

Most important we have handy the cash to invest to get remodels and remedial work done.

Often, that’s an investment of $20,000 – $40,000.

If you tried to do that, you would probably spend at least twice as much AND spend 3-4 months trying to get it done. For example, a complete kitchen remodel averages $25,000 a master bathroom $15,000. And if you are trying to live in the house while you do the work, it’s even more expensive and lengthy!

So, do we make money out of the process?

Yes, of course we do!

However, we do not do it at your expense. We earn our dollars the same way you do, by working for them.

We are not just another company that is going to low ball you to make a buck—our genuine intention to help fuels our company.

We believe we can help you sell your Dallas- Fort Worth home fast and painlessly AND get you a great deal.

We can do this because we know what we are doing.

We can do this because we do not have to find a buyer and pay commissions.

We can do this because we are the buyers!

What do you have to lose?

Join hundreds of happy Simple House clients.

Call us at (972) 876-3131 or complete the contact request form and judge for yourself!

Yes, I want help to sell my house fast and get a good deal!