Sell My House in Dallas, TX: Real Stories, Tough Situations, and Changing Lives

You are ready to sell.

Maybe you are going through a divorce, maybe you are ready to buy a new home, maybe you inherited one and don’t want to deal with it. Whatever the circumstances, you are thinking “I just want to sell my house in Dallas and move on with my life!”

Only now you have to go through a process of using a realtor, paying fees, doing home inspections, making upgrades, showing your home: and you don’t have the time or means to invest in all of that. You can either get a really low-ball offer, lose money, and move on from this house or you could spend an endless amount of time trying to get your money’s worth.

You need a company that will buy your house at a fair price, without realtors, and quickly. Simple House Solutions works with homeowners in the Dallas area so that they can sell their house and get the right value–by buying the homes. We’ve worked with all kinds of clients who have had various reasons for selling their home. See examples of the Dallas houses we’ve bought below.

Taking This ‘As-Is’ Home in Grapevine, Texas and Making It Market Ready

Part One: The Exterior Transformation

Part Two: Interior Transformation

Helping a Daughter and Her Elderly Mother Know Their Home Selling Options

Part One: Assessing the Outside of an Elderly Hoarder’s Home

Part Two: Stepping Inside to Determine the Best Option for Selling an Elderly Parent’s Home

Part Three: Selling a Distressed Home on the MLS and Why It Isn’t Selling

Part Four: 3 Tips for Seniors in Dallas, Tx Trying to Sell Their Home

Part Five: The Transformation (Before and After)

Reuniting a Mom and Daughter Just in Time!

Part One: She Needed to Get Back Home Quick, and Needed to Sell Her Home Fast!