Fees, Commissions, & the MLS: Real Estate Commissions Are One of the Largest Fees for Selling a House

Realtors, Fees, and Commissions— it’s one of the most controversial topic of ALL real estate. Real estate agents are a necessary (and awesome) part of working in real estate. At Simple House Solutions, LLC., we utilize the services of realtors all the time. Real estate agents will help you when you want every possible penny out of your property. 

 However, the real estate commission is by far one of the largest fees for selling a house. Too frequently, sellers are shocked when they discover that they have to pay 6% of the home’s property value in commission fees— this usually translates to an extra tens of thousands of dollars that goes from your pocket to theirs.  

 Some Do Not Mind Paying the Fees for Selling a House, Others Do— It Depends On Your Unique Situation  

Some people don’t want to pay commissions to a real estate agent and some do;some people think that it’s completely worthwhile and others don’t.  Others don’t mind getting the house ready for sale and leaving for buyer showings constantly without notice. You may be a seller that wants to skip the showings and the MLS and jump straight to closing.   

 If You Have a Perfect Home, No Need to Worry About the Fees For Selling a House  

f your home currently looks as though it can grace the covers of D Magazine— an elite real estate magazine that showcases the most beautiful homes— then our recommendation is to call a realtor fast. You wouldn’t have to worry too much about paying the large fees for selling a house in real estate commission because you know that there are other hidden costs that you won’t have to deal with (renovations for example). We even have realtors with years of experience currently on staff— you are welcome to consult ours anytime!  

Taking Our Quiz Will Help You Understand Your Unique Situation as a Seller  


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Many sellers blindly opt for the realtor route and put their homes on the MLS because they are not aware that there are other options available— ones that can save them time, money, and headache. Taking this quiz will help you understand your situation as a seller. It will also give you insight into the fees for selling a house so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

There Are Many Reasons for Wanting to Skip the MLS and Just Sell Your Home for Cash. 

We’ve compiled a list of possible reasons why selling your home as-is for a cash offer can be the best possible solution for you. Due to our years of experience working with homeowners from all walks of life, we are able to systematically gauge when a seller can benefit from skipping the MLS. 

  • You Do Not Have the Time, Money or Mind to Deal with Listing Your Home  

We have clients all the time that call us and say, “I’m Over It!”.  Often if you have too much going on in your life, it’s just nice to have a simple solution from a reputable company. For example, you may have younger children, pets, just aren’t able to live an “onthego lifestyle” that’s best for multiple showings a day— we get it. Or you may have a rental property and no longer can deal with the tenants. You may even be concerned about vandalism, or the payments & taxes, or just don’t know what to do— we can help. Sometimes it’s best to just skip the mess and give us a call. 

  • Your Home is in Desperate Need of Remodeling 

If your home is not in a perfect condition, it can drastically elevate the fees for selling a house. You may have already spoken to a realtor and they’re telling you that you need to do work, because that’s what buyers would expect.  

 Buyers are getting pickier and pickier these days and are overly concerned about things such as curb appeal, updates (like granite), new appliances, new flooring, the new color that is in for hardware and ceiling fans, etc! Sometimes baths need to be completely redone and showers need to be at LEAST 4 feet by 5 feet. Then there is the backyard landscaping and many people even look for some type of outdoor living feature like a fireplace, pergola, or kitchen. And to think, all that needs to be added before a buyer will even think twice about buying your home.  

 We buy houses as-is: we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help!  We love what we do and whether you think your house is ugly or just needs a face-lift, Simple House Solutions, LLC is here!  

  • You Are in a Financially Tight Situation  

You are already in a financially tight situation and dealing with the added fees for selling a house is an overwhelmingly burden for you.  

 You may be behind on your mortgage payments and the bank is threatening to foreclose. Or perhaps you are behind on your property taxes and the interest is starting to add up. You’re not alone. There are 50,000 sellers behind on their property taxes in Dallas, Texas alone as of this very second! 

 We completely understand that sometimes life throws us a curveball.  We can help!  You would be surprised at how many of our clients are in your exact same situation. We will pay all taxes off upon the sale of your house so you can forget your financial burden and move on. 

Bypass the Fees for Selling a House—Discover Your Simple Solution! 

 We have been buying houses for cash since 2002, and we have learned that everyone’s situation for selling a home is different. Some sellers will reap the benefit of working with a realtor, others just want to bypass the extra fees..  If you are worried about the large fees for selling a house, contact us today! We’ll help advise you on the best solution for you, and if it’s right for you–an instant cash offer could just be one phone call away