A Transparent Process: How Does “We Buy House for Cash” Really Work?

If you are in a time-sensitive situation, you may have already decided not to sell your house through the traditional MLS route.  You have started contemplating whether or not you should go for those many “we buy houses for cash” companies out there.  

“We buy houses for cash” companies are not hard to find. The online world is littered with paid advertisements by these types of companies and you may have even received flyers and postcards from them in your own neighborhood (if YOU found us by one of OUR postcards, please do continue reading). 

At one point you are asking yourself, “How does we buy houses for cash” companies work anyway? Is the process legitimate and is the company trustworthy?  

Great question— read more to find out the answer!  

The Answer to “How Does We Buy Houses for Cash Works” Differs: It Depends on the Company  

Companies that offer ”cash for homes” services work differently from each other because they are driven by different business models. Yes, in a sense, they can give you a cash offer for your home in its as-is condition. However, if you want peace of mind, you want to stick with a company that you can trust.  

Most “We buy houses for cash” companies are not transparent about how they work. They do not guide you throughout the process step by step, nor do they give you the important details— that is because many of them may not be qualified to.  

We Stand Apart from Other Companies Based on How We Work  

We invite you into our process so that you can learn more about who we are and what we stand for as a company. We want you to be well-informed and feel confident about your decision.  

 We Are a Team Comprised of Licensed Professionals from Distinct Fields with a Proven Track Record 

Collectively, our licenses, credentials, years of experience, and proven success track record can speak for itself! You are not just selling your home to an entity or a vague persona that offers cash. You are interacting with real people with years of professional experience. 

Here’s some insight into just a few of our team members backgrounds that work with our customers:  

James Irwin has worked with private investors participating in equity in positions in multi-family real estate, raw land, new construction, to name a few. He also has over ten years of experience in the Financial Services Industry.  

Dwight Harrison received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been a licensed real estate agent and avid real estate investor since 2002.  

As our resident outside sales manager/project manager, Brandon Bachik has bought and sold 300+ houses since starting in real estate in 2009.  

Aside from our credentials, licenses, and professional experience, we are all passionate real-estate enthusiasts working together for YOUR best outcome (click here to read more about the rest of the team)! So, we start of the process by getting to know your situation, and then utilizing our team to get you the best options. 

How Does We Buy House for Cash at Simple House Work? We Focus on Mentorship  


When a property owner calls, texts, emails or sends smoke signals, one of our highly qualified insides sales representatives will guide you through the initial process. You’ll be asked some questions about your house(s) in addition to a few questions about your current situation.   

We acknowledge that everybody comes from diverse walks of life and hence, homeowners wishing to sell their homes will have needs that are unique. We understand that no two situations are alike.  

Over the years, we have become more of a real estate mentor for our clients.  We strive to mindfully guide you through the hurdles and pitfalls of every option. We strategize together as a team in order to determine your ideal solution.   
We Give You the Most Accurate Assessment Possible for YOUR Unique Situation  

No two situations are alike– you deserve a solution that is right for YOU.

After the initial assessment, if we both decide that we want to take this relationship to the next level, we schedule an appointment for you with one of our house buying specialists!   They’ll meet you at your place, go through a tour of the property with you and diligently make sure to cover all the variables in order to give you the most accurate assessment possible for your unique situation.   

If it still makes sense to BOTH parties to buy your house at that point in time, then we craft as many solutions as possible for your situation.  

Our Mission Is to Create Real, Tangible, Life-Changing Solutions for Homeowners and Real Estate Partners

Strong Accounting – We use:

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We emphasize relationships and improving our communities. In fact, we have been a dedicated supporter of Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross through consistent and large financial donations. Whether the homeowner is going through a divorce, is planning to relocate for that brand-new job offer, or is being threatened by their banks and no longer able to pay their mortgage, we empathize with each and every single one of our clients. We never lose sight of the human component of real estate.  

We tailor our many services to you so that we exceed your expectations and that you are happy with the outcome.  

If you’ve been asking yourself, “how does we buy houses for cash companies work?”, then you will see that we emphasize solutions that are best for YOU. Contact us to get started today