3 Expert Tips for Seniors: What to Watch Out for When Selling Their Home in Dallas

Simple House Solutions Provides Tips for Seniors Selling their Home in Dallas

Simple House Solutions Provides Tips for Seniors Selling their Home in Dallas

Do not trust just anyone who offers to sell your property quickly. Hire a company that cares for your needs. Too many people try to take advantage of seniors or relatives caring for elderly family members. Simple House Solutions saw this as a problem in the industry, and knew they needed to step up and change it. 

The daughter of an elderly parent in Seascape, Rowlett, Texas, sought our help because they wanted to remodel and sell their home fast. After making a careful assessment of the property, we gave them with pieces of advice that would result in success and a quick sale. In this article, we will provide three tips that are useful for seniors selling their home in Dallas.  

Simple House Solutions Provides 3 Essential Tips for Seniors Who Have Plans of Selling Their Home in Dallas for Cash 

Co-Founders of Simple House Solutions, LLC

Co-Founders of Simple House Solutions, LLC

Selling a home is easier if you consult with an expert. Do not trust anybody who lacks knowledge on how to remodel a house and get you a good deal. A mistake can result in a significant expense and disappointments. 

A reliable real estate solutions company should be able to handle the individual and unique situation of their clients. They should also provide you with tips that will help sell your home fast.  

For people who will be retiring soon, their residential property will be a valuable asset. Some of them may not be willing to sell it because it has a sentimental value to them. Physical stress and hidden costs are other things that make it difficult for elderly people to let go of their home. 

At Simple House Solutions, we have three essential tips that we want to share with seniors selling their home in Dallas.  

Make Sure the Company or Individual Assessed Your House 

Exterior of the Senior Home in Dallas

Exterior of the Senior Home in Dallas

As one of the most trusted real estate specialists in Texas, it is our standard procedure to perform a careful assessment of our client’s property. This thorough process will help us determine the value of the home, areas to improve, and needed repairs to make the home more functional and attractive to potential buyers.  

Critical areas to check are the roof and foundation. Your chosen company should also ask the following questions: 

  • When was the last you had your air conditioner and HVAC system serviced? 
  • Do you have a pool? When was the last time it was serviced? 
  • Do you have a fence? Is it new? Is it falling down? Is it full of holes? Are there slats that need to be replaced? 

In Seascape, Rowlett, the daughter of the homeowner contacted Simple House Solutions because they needed help in remodeling and selling their property. She had been living in a different state for many years, and her mother had been in charge of maintaining the house. However, the parent would not be able to keep their house up anymore when she was diagnosed with dementia, an age-related condition where the patient suffers from loss of memory and difficulty solving problems.  

Simple House Solutions Had to Fix the Garage of a Senior Home in Dallas

Simple House Solutions Had to Fix the Garage of a Senior Home in Dallas

We first checked the exterior of the home, including the landscaping and hoarded stuff dumped everywhere. During the process, one of their neighbors informed us that the old woman loved to collect items she bought from garage, junk, and estate sales.

We also repaired the damages around the exterior of the home, including the roof, garage door, and windows. For this particular project, we spent over $2,000 on trimming the trees. It was affordable compared to hiring someone to do the task.  

By making a careful assessment, we were able to find “little things” that do matter. The fence, for example, costed $7,000 and the property.  It is a large expense when renovating if trying to sell the home on your own for $150,000.

Think about Trash Removal and Find Out Your Options 

Senior Parent Love to Hoard Stuff

Senior Parent Love to Hoard Stuff

Clients have an option when they sell us their homes. We are flexible when it comes to how the situation will work out. They can choose between the three options below: 

1) Reference option: Use the resources or references we give out and pay for their services  

2) Worry-free option: We can pay a little less for the house, and then we will pay for that service so that you will not have to worry about dealing with all of your trash.  

3) Most common option: Go through your stuff first. Take the keepsakes, the heirlooms, and items that have emotional meaning to you. Simple House Solutions will take of the rest of the trash.   

In this project, they did clear it all out on their own by hiring a company we referred to them and paid these guys to take it out. Number two is an excellent option for seniors selling their home in Dallas and do not have money before closing.  

Work with Someone Who Doesn’t Pressure You and Cares About Your Timeframe  

At Simple House Solutions, we do not pressure homeowners to sell their home immediately after the assessment. We give them ample time to think and decide when or whether they want to sell their property or not.    

In situations where an elderly parent needs to go into an assisted home and if there is only one parent left, we usually have the elderly parent contact us, or one of the children of the parents. There were cases when they would not agree on what to do. No matter who contacted us, we usually are working with both the child and the parent in these situation.  

In this kind of situation, we tell them to let us give it a try. If they agree, we will visit the place and tell them exactly what needs to be done. We will tell them all of their options simply because we are Simple House Solutions, including giving them realistic expectations of what they should fix to sell it on their own without our help.  

Three Useful Tips for Seniors Selling their Home
Our clients get to choose what they want. There is no bias from us. Some clients call after a few months or even years to tell us that they have already decided to sell their house. Each person’s situation is unique, so we do not pressure our clients.  

Simple House Solutions had an experience before when we went to the homeowner’s property and provided them advice on how to sell it. The parent did not want to let go of their house and did not want to use one of our solutions.  

But then, they called us back after a year or two. We have been staying in touch with these people for months, and sometimes, even years. It shows that we care about the timeframe. We do not rush our clients in making decisions.  

Are You a Senior Who Needs Help in Selling Your Home in Dallas? Learn Tips from an Expert! 

Following the three useful tips provided by Simple House Solutions for seniors selling their home in Dallas will help make the process easier. If you are looking to see all of your options for your home in its current state, give us a call! We’re dedicated to changing the way the real estate industry treats seniors! 

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