What Are The Closing Costs On A Cash Deal For Selling A House in Dallas, TX?

Selling Your Home is the Perfect Opportunity for a Fresh Start

Right now, you are looking to sell your home. Yet, at the same time, saying goodbye to your home feels strange and you don’t know where to start. You may have even imagined living in your carefully selected home for several more years but the time has been cut short because you are currently going through a drastic lifestyle change—one that is time-sensitive. It’s not even an option anymore. You need to sell your home and FAST.   

You may be in the middle of a job relocation. Possibly you could be going through a divorce and you want to stay as far away from the home that was once shared. Or your children have all grown up and it’s finally your chance to retire and live where you want to live.  

Whichever scenario you may find yourself in, it’s important to realize that selling your home is the perfect opportunity for a new start, a fresh beginning.  

Ask Yourself “What Are the Closing Costs on a Cash Deal?” and Find the Right Solution 

Knowing that you have to sell your home, was shocking at first. But now you are eager to move on and quickly. More importantly, you know you want to get the maximum price for your home and you know you want your buyers to pay cash. Maybe you have already imagined the profit that you may get, and even went as far as calculating how much of it can go towards paying the down payment towards your new home.  

Before you put your house on the real estate market however, it’s important to ask yourself this important question, “What are the closing costs on a cash deal?” Believe it or not, most homeowners forget to ask themselves this question all the time. Selling a home can be a stressful process, and you’d want the transaction to be worthwhile so that you can reap in the profit that you can get from your home.  

Knowing ahead of time what the closing costs on a cash deal are will save you a lot of trouble down the road. Closing costs are a big deal and they are a pesky list of endless items to be checked off— each item takes away from the much-needed funds that you need to transition to your new house.  

What Are the Closing Costs on a Cash Deal: Know That It Varies 

Closing costs can vary per transaction and can change based on the price of the property being sold, the condition can also come into play here as well. So, if you have been wondering what are the closing costs on a cash deal, here is a list of all closing costs associated with selling a property here in Texas:

closing costs on a cash deal

Selling Your House to Simple House Solutions for Cash Takes Away the Fees and Headaches that Come with Closing Costs. 

With Simple House Solutions, you get to skip the closing costs that can end up taking away from your profit. We are primarily able to achieve this because we take your home as-is. You don’t have to worry about the costs of repairs and remodeling that can number in the tens of thousands. You don’t have to deal with a realtor that takes a proportion of the commission sale. You don’t have to worry about the costs associated with various paperwork because we have a professional on staff ready to take care of that entire process for you.  


With Simple House Solutions, the answer to, “What are the closing costs on a cash deal?” is simple—we take your home as-is so you that you can skip the costs of repairs and remodeling. Get the maximum cash dollar for your home. Contact us today.