How We Helped a Client Who Could Not Sell Her House in Dallas But Needed to Move

Cheryl with her Mother: New House in Michigan

Cheryl with her Mother: New House in Michigan

Working with a real estate agent (or trying to be your own) can be complicated. Between pleasing buyers, jumping through hoops, and trying to make your house stand out on the MLS–it can be stressful and time-consuming. And if you need to sell your house because you are moving, time isn’t on your table. Working with a reliable consultant is the best option. A homeowner in Dallas, Texas, could not sell her house but had to move to Ontonagon. Find out how we helped her.  

How a Homeowner in Dallas, Texas, was Able to Sell Their House and Move to Ontonagon     

Finally Returning Home: Couldn’t Sell Her House But Cheryl Needed a Solution to Move

Selling your house in Dallas can be a cumbersome task. You have to work with a team who works one-on-one with each client and cater to their unique needs. As one of the most trusted real estate solutions company in Texas, Simple House Solutions we will make the process of selling your home quick and convenient 

Simple House Solutions: a Solution-Based Company That is Willing to Help with Any Situation    

A client named Cheryl, who resides in Dallas, had a residential property in Ontonagon. Her mom was taking care of it. However, her mom has a medical condition, which she recovered from. Cheryl had to bring her mom with her because she knew that if anything else happened, she needed to be there to help take care of her since no relatives lived near her mom in Ontonagon. 

Therefore, she decided to move back to Ontonagon to sell the house quickly and go back to Dallas with her mom. Moreover, her mom was one of the remaining co-founders of their home church, which started in their own living room. 

Her presence was very important in the 50th anniversary celebration of their church. This was another reason the daughter was worried. If she could not sell the house, they would not be able to go back to Ontonagon before August 13 to make it to the event.  

How the Client Found the Solution to Her Problem Through Simple House Solutions 

Cheryl and Her Mother Moved to this Home in Ontonagon After Simple House Solutions Helped Her Sell Her Home in Dallas, Texas

Cheryl and Her Mother Moved to this Home in Ontonagon After Simple House Solutions Helped Her Sell Her Home in Dallas, Texas

Since she had to move but could not sell her house in Dallas, Texas, Cheryl searched for real estate companies on the internet. She had received responses from good companies. She did not find Simple House Solutions the first time she searched.  

When she came across our website, she explored it and saw the video by Josh and Brandon, which showed how they have helped many people in dealing with real estate problems. She was amazed by our willingness to provide our client’s needs. Their good deeds resonated with her because she is a Christian woman.  

The Selling Process: What took Place 

At Simple House Solutions, we want to build trust with our customers. We always do our best to respond as quickly as we can. Cheryl sent an email to us on a Thursday.  Brandon was the first one to call her on Friday, right after that was Josh.  

Brandon came and looked at the house. He gave her the number that she was asking from the Lord. Cheryl said: “You give me that number and we’re in business.” Therefore, that was how the business began.  After that, he inspected the house. They talked about what led her to this point and what she hoped to do once she got the house sold. After inspection and signing, Simple House Solutions was able to get her home sold before the August 13th deadline. 

Cheryl thinks anybody would want to work with Simple House Solutions. She could not sell her house in Dallas, Texas, but we helped her sell it quickly because she needed to move to Ontonagon, and she made it back in time for the 50th anniversary with her mom! She was very thankful for working with us. 


Simple House Solutions Helps People Who Cannot Sell Their House in Dallas 

Cheryl is just one of the people who sought the help of Simple House Solutions with selling their house. She could not sell it but had to move to another city. With our passion and expertise, the house was sold quickly! 

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