A Thorough Walk-Through the Exterior of a Home in Rowlett, Texas

In Rowlett, Texas, a woman’s mom was suffering from early stage dementia. Her mom could not keep the house up anymore. The woman contacted our team because they needed help in selling their homeIn order to sell a house, we need to have a good estimate of its current value. To increase its value, we have to perform repairs on all areas that need fixing and update the home. This is why, at Simple House Solutions, we always make it our standard procedure to thoroughly assess a property before we begin working on a project. So, we went to the elderly mother‘s house so that our team first assessed the exterior of their home.  

Getting to Know the Owner of the Seascape Property 

A young lady called us recently. She needed help selling her elderly mother’s property. For many years, her mom had been living alone in their home while she lady was residing in a different State. In those years that she lived far from their home, her mother had kept their house up. In an unfortunate turn of events, her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Although her mother tried maintaining their home, her condition now has made very challenging to continue to do so. Now, the elderly mother needed to go to an assisted home. Her daughter contacted us because she needed our expertise to remodel the property and sell it.  

Assessing the Exterior of the Rowlett, Texas Property – Selling Your Elderly Parent’s Home

Simple House Solutions Assesses the Exterior of the Home in Seascape, Rowlett, Texas 

The client wanted us to give an honest opinion about the home. And so, our team had to perform a thorough assessment of the property. It is our standard procedure, here at Simple House Solutions, to conduct a walk-through in any of our projects. In this house in Rowlett, Texas, we first assessed the exterior of the house. 

Hoarded Stuff and Piling Trash Left Outside the House 

We walked around the exterior of the home, and we found a truckload of stuff lying outside of the property. The owner was a hoarder. She had tons and tons of junk piling inside and outside her house from the many years of hoarding.  

While we were assessing the home, the neighbors told us that the elderly woman loved to collect items from estate sales, junk sales, and garage sales. They used to own a trailer attached to their vehicle. Every Saturday, for many years, this trailer was used carried stuff that they bought from various places. Apparently, many of those hoarded items didn’t make it inside the house anymore! 

Overgrown Foliage That Needed a Lot of Landscaping Work 

The curb appeal of the property was not at all good. Since the older woman was suffering from dementia, she had a difficult time keeping the landscaping under control. There was a lot of overgrown foliage!  

Landscaping is one of the most expensive aspects of home renovations. In this project, we spent over $2000 dollars just trimming trees. That amount spent was already affordable, considering that this kind of landscaping work would normally cost around $5000 dollars or more if the owner got somebody else to do the job. $5000 dollars would have been too expensive for the elderly woman to afford! 

A Ton of Repairs Needed on the Exterior of the Home in Rowlett, Texas 

There were a lot of damaged parts around the exterior of the property. The roofing, for instance, needed a lot of repairs. The garage door was dented in, and its panels were falling apart. It was clear that we had to replace the entire garage door.  

Additionally, the screen on the windows has started to pull away. The glass on the windows has started to fog too. There was also a lot of rotted wood. The wooden frame around the door at the back of the house was rotting!  

A number of safety hazards were also present. Our team saw how challenging it must have been for the older woman to have tried to keep the house up, considering her current condition. One specific example of a safety hazard that we found was a bin of liquid that was placed beside an open outlet without a cover!  

The inside of the house was just as problematic as the outside! Read more about what our teafound in the interior of this property! Click here! 

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