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What To Fix When Selling a Home

When preparing a home for sale, you may not have a lot of money to make renovations. There are, however, some inexpensive repairs that will make your home and property more attractive to potential buyers. The first step in knowing what to fix when selling a home is knowing what to fix that will not break your budget.

Stick to the Basics

When a potential buyer looks at a home, they are looking for some very basic things. Two things they want to know is whether the roof leaks and if there are any issues with the gutters and downspouts. While you may not be able to afford to replace an entire roof, all leaks should be repaired—and that includes fixing any water damage that may have occurred to your ceilings. Your gutters should be cleared of any debris and rehung if needed to ensure proper drainage to the downspouts.

If your carpets are a mess but you have hardwood floors underneath, you might want to rip up the carpeting. With some sanding and maybe some stain, you can bring back the beauty of the flooring. If you don’t have hardwood flooring underneath, replacing the carpet or installing inexpensive laminate flooring can be the next best thing.

Focus on the walls, especially if you smoke. You might not notice that your walls look dingy because you see them all the time, but a potential buyer will. Give your walls a good scrubbing and repair any holes in the sheetrock or plaster. A coat of paint will help freshen up the look of any room in your home, but stick to light, neutral colors.

Make sure that your furnace and air conditioner are in working condition. Have an HVAC contractor perform routine maintenance and assess the condition of your heating and cooling system so there are no surprises if a potential buyer wants to have a home inspector check it out.

If you have a basement, make sure it is dry and free of mold and mildew. Caulk any cracks where water may seep in. It is also a good idea to cover the brick with a few coats of drylock paint to seal it and prevent water from seeping through the foundation walls.

Think Curb Appeal

Knowing what to fix when selling a home also includes the outside. It doesn’t cost much to clean up your property. The outside appearance of your house can make or break a buyer’s first impression. You may not be able to afford to re-side or paint the exterior of your house, but there are a few things you can do to make a better impression.

  • If you cannot afford to upgrade your front door, repaint it.
  • Make sure your yard is clear of garbage such as old patio furniture or outdoor toys.
  • Keep your lawn maintained by making sure it is watered, weed free, and mowed.
  • Trim your shrubs and plant flowers around the yard to make it more attractive.

Knowing what to fix when selling a home can help you save money by focusing on things buyers look for first. It will also help improve your chances of selling your home at your asking price within a reasonable time frame. 

Maximize Your Home's Potential

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Simple Solutions to Selling Your Home

A lot of things can go wrong when you’re trying to sell your home. Although many so-called experts talk about how easy it is if you just do the right things, like proper staging and curb appeal, the reality can be quite different. It’s frustrating to sit on the sidelines and watch as other houses in your town get purchased almost as fast as they’re listed, while you’re languishing in debt and frustration. But you’re not alone. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

Your House Is in Poor Condition

If you suffered a job loss or a medical emergency that ravaged your savings, you know how easily a house can slip into disrepair. A small leak in the roof turns into multiple leaks or even mold. One loose shingle leads to several, and before you know it the entire cladding needs to be replaced. The old furnace that used to get you through the winter has died, and the window seals have broken, leaving foggy windowpanes everywhere.

No sane buyer would ever want to buy a house in that condition, right? Actually, someone might. At Simple House Solutions, we can take a look at your house and make you an offer right away in spite of the state of disrepair.

The Neighborhood Has Gone Bad

When you bought your house years ago, the neighborhood was decent or even great. Since then, however, your neighborhood has gone from good to bad to downright dangerous. The real estate investment that you thought would keep increasing in value is now costing you money. Worse, your kids are stuck in a bad school district and you no longer feel safe in your own driveway.

This situation is out of your control. Unfortunately, it’s a common one across the country. There’s no reason to stay a minute longer than you have to. Give us a call, listen to what we have to say, and, if you like it, we can come to an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

Impending Foreclosure

Look, no one’s perfect. Lots of upstanding homeowners got into trouble after the big economic downturn. Maybe you overspent or missed a payment and then it all went downhill from there. The point is not to blame. The point is to get you out of a bad situation before it gets even worse.

We aren’t shy about getting involved with a house that is pending foreclosure. No matter where you are in the process—whether you’ve just received a warning letter or proceedings have already begun—give us a call.  We can offer you creative solutions that will let you easily get on with your life.

No Desire to Pay Commissions to an Agent

Real estate agents charge what can feel like an exorbitant amount to a homeowner with limited funds. Not only that, but the buyer’s agent gets his or her share, too—out of your pocket. Although that system works for some people, it’s not necessarily in your best interests financially.

With our company, you can avoid realtor’s fees. You sell, we buy. That’s it. We offer simple solutions to selling your home that you can live with.

Cash For Your House

Are you ready to get out of your bad situation? We'll give you a cash offer so you can move out and move on with your life.