Listing Agent Team Lead Position

Simple House Solutions’ in-house listing team, The Avenue Team with Fathom Realty is now hiring a Listing Agent Team Lead that has a passion for Sales, Real Estate, Investment Real Estate, and Customer Service!!!

We are looking for FANTASTIC people who CRAVE direction and success! If you want to work part time at home in your pajamas with a margarita in your hand then this is not the position for you. You can only drink margaritas after signing listing agreements…and still not in your pajamas.

This position is for the top sales people only. Only Closers Need to Apply! You will spend half of your day every day prospecting for new clients in our office using our proven system, largely calling, texting and emailing sellers. The other half of each day you will be in the field doing cash offer presentations and listing properties!

You will ALSO have listing appointment referrals set up for you all over DFW with sellers that have been offered a cash offer from Simple House Solution and we have mutually decided that they should list with our realtor team instead. You are a vital teammate with us and truly are another option for our seller clients.

Company Core Values are non-negotiable. If you cannot follow these values with clients and teammates, please do not apply. These are a HUGE reason why our company culture is amazing!

#1Do What YouSay You’reGoing to Do
#2Be Obsessedwith HelpingOthers
#3Have a Positive,Can-DoAttitude
#4Be a TeamPlayer
#5Always Striveto ExceedExpectations

Work-Related Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Must have at least 2 years of licensed real estate experience
  • Top performers only needed. Closers!
  • Must be willing to drive anywhere at any time.
  • Must be willing to make cold calls and network with people you DO NOT KNOW
  • Able to create relationships with clients along with an experience that leaves an outstanding impression
  • Able to create instant credibility with potential clients by utilizing knowledge and showcasing your enthusiasm and passion for Customer Service & Real Estate!
  • Must enjoy reaching out to new people on a constant basis, in person and on the phone
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of phone sales experience
  • Able to follow a team leader! So many people are “lone wolves” and want to do it their way only…not here!
  • Must have a genuine love for helping people and educating them on how we make them successful!
  • Must be an extremely quick communicator via phone, email and texts
  • Must have strong computer skills and be able to stay organized online!
  • Must have an outgoing personality and be fun to work with (Please)
  • Can easily demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to work in a time-critical environment
  • High level of motivation and persistence
  • Ability to work independently and as a team in high-pressure environment

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • We are extremely goal oriented and expect each listing agent to complete between $15-$20+ million in annual sales…and we WILL help you get there!
  • Cold Calling, Cold Texting, Cold Emailing…just plain COLD EVERYTHING to reach decision making sellers on a daily basis!
  • Taking incoming WARM leads from our investment team and converting them into listings
  • Driving all over DFW to list properties and do listing/cash presentations
  • Completing 6-10 listing appointments weekly and following our proven sales system
  • Completing consultative phone appointments with sellers that aren’t in town
  • Able to maintain clients in all stages of your pipeline, from prospective thru past clients!
  • Explaining why our team is completely different from the rest when it comes to helping them sell their home!
  • Pipeline Management is HUGE! Must be organized and able to stay on top of all call backs, new clients, etc.
  • Must be able to build rapport quickly and over the phone.
  • Becoming an area expert!
  • Updating your CRM so all teammates are constantly on the same page!
  • Taking care of all components of seller clients from listing presentations, to documentation to measuring, to imputing in the MLS, to working with title companies, etc., etc., etc!
  • Most of all, working until goals are hit (did we mention you have to hit your goals?!)! We are extremely motivated and we are not looking for individuals that aren’t willing to go the extra mile when needed.

The compensation structure is simple and extremely lucrative. When you hit your minimum goals, you should anticipate a total compensation between $150k-$250k annually.

Hours fluctuate, but total around 50-55 hours a week from what we’ve seen to be successful. Weekend work will be needed, especially for Appointments, etc. Please fill out the form to schedule an interview.

Also, please email your resume to us with “Applying for Listing Lead Position” as the Subject Title.

Please click the button below to fill out the form and schedule an interview.

Thank you for your interest in Simple House Solutions!  Explore our website to find out more about us.